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What are the unique advantages of electric sightseeing vehicles? Add Time:2023-08-02

In recent years, due to its advantages of energy saving, environmental protection, driving comfort and so on, the development of tourism electric sightseeing vehicles is very rapid, and it has been stationed in major domestic scenic spots, playgrounds, large parks and other places.

1, the appearance of tourism electric sightseeing car: the general appearance of tourism electric sightseeing car is novel and fashionable, gorgeous lines, in line with modern aesthetics, it is itself a landscape, a perfect interpretation of the characteristics of tourism electric sightseeing car tourism and personnel transport vehicles.

2, structure: The chassis of the electric sightseeing car is solid and safe, and the outer frame adopts the open design, so that tourists can enjoy the 360-degree barrier-free viewing, providing 2-14 seats to choose from, viewing and taking photos in the car, relaxed and happy, and enjoy the fun of travel.

3, smooth operation: the maximum speed of electric sightseeing vehicles is generally below 30KM/H, which can ensure the personal safety and ride comfort of passengers to the greatest extent.

4, driving mode: The electric sightseeing vehicle adopts the battery-powered driving mode, which does not emit harmful gases polluting the atmosphere, and belongs to the new electric vehicle products with zero emission and zero pollution

5, low operating costs: compared with the same fuel sightseeing vehicles, the use of electric sightseeing vehicles is low, which can reduce a lot of energy expenses.

6, simple maintenance: the maintenance of tourist electric sightseeing vehicles is relatively simple, and there is no need to carry out complex engine maintenance work. Generally, the failure is not as complicated as the fuel sightseeing car, which greatly saves the maintenance time and cost.

7, low noise: the noise of the tourist electric sightseeing car is low, does not affect the passengers riding and viewing, and does not have the pungent gasoline taste of the fuel sightseeing car, which can give tourists a better travel experience.

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